Welcome to the Cool ICE home page.
Who is Cool ICE? And what service can I offer you?

Through my own experiences of installing In Car Entertainment (ICE) into my own car, I then had the idea to start an adventure of my own doing the same for other peoples car's.

I have been enjoying this side of car modifying for a few years now and have gained a lot of experience installing stereo equipment into a varied selection of friends car's also. There word's of encouragement saying "that I should have a go at doing it seriously" have amounted to the forming of this web page and a name of which to operate under.

Whether it be just an uprated Headunit, better speakers or a multiple Amplifier setup, I can install it into your car. Or install an alarm system.

In any case, if you are having trouble wiring that part it won't hurt to E-Mail me to see if I can help.

Read about my own car's metamorphosis from bog standard 4 speakers to enough sound to shame Concord!

My other interest is Radio Controlled Helicopters which I fly as well as help and train other people in setting their machines at my local clubs, both for fun and in competition. My best position to date in National Competition which is held every August bank holiday at RAF Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire is 5th. This again is a rewarding hobby (but no money in it, just glory), and keeps me in the fresh air and in the company of a bunch of nice people.