1. Main Page; This Page contains a short description of who we are and what we can help you, the customer with.
  2. My New Car; Again this page is intended to give you an idea of the level of work I am capable of, and the type of install that is available to you. As well as being a demonstration tool of the type of sound available.
  3. Previous Work; This page speaks for itself realy. You will find pictures of other peoples car's that I installed a radio into and/or help setup.
  4. Photo Gallery; This page is devoted to showing you friends or other peoples cars.
  5. Previous Car, 306 S16 Page; This page is devoted to answering any questions or queries you have.
  6. Contact Me; Contains my mail-to link and a guest book that you can sign and let people know a little about your car as well as some links I feel are worth you taking a look at.